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Wine bottle packaging with paper cover

Another wonderful wine packaging and branding from hands of our creative department. Sometimes, we wonder if they even drink water or just wine. Nevertheless, if it keeps them creative we let it slide. For this packaging design, we have used graphically rich motive of a silky red ribbon while we kept reminding to ourselves that keeping it simple is always the key. As the result, we have found that using a transparent sticker with printed ribbon going all around the bottle makes it even more eye pleasing as we thought. Letters and typography is than left in silvery grey and pure white colors, underlining with its simplicity the richness of the curly ribbon above.

Packaging with paper cover

Covering the whole bottle in paper adds a nice touch serving both the function and branding. As a matter of function, this approach to wine packaging helps prevent cracking the bottles if more than one is carried, plus they don’t make any sound while you carry them. Furthermore, the paper cover is branded with only the secondary graphic element – ribbon for making even greater impression on the customer.

Wine branding

When it comes to wine, we make sure that a brand stands out with elegant, sophisticated graphic design and packaging. Often the logo itself remains a pure logotype, as it is a tradition in wine industry. Because of that, the secondary graphic element must take place and function of being the visual building block for branding. Silky red ribbon serves well and makes the whole thing work exquisitely. Cheers!

Project: Wine packaging for Les Vins d’Aperun

Art Director: Martin Kuspal
Created in: 2015