Specialized DTP service for our demand

Our team consists of experienced graphic designers with various fields of expertise. Thanks to that we’re able to provide DTP service of a very high graphic standard. Our capability to adapt your branding and visual identity to the full spectrum of media makes us an ideal provider of DTP service.

DTP and graphic optimalization for packaging design

We specialize in creation and optimalization of graphic resources for packaging press. This discipline requires a deep knowledge of various print technologies and goes hand in hand with a highly developed sense for design. For clients we come up with ideal technical and graphic solutions thanks to which their product can utilize a graphic potential of the technology available to its fullest.

Professional supervision
for packaging press in the whole EU

We provide specialized supervision for the press of packaging components. Our team takes care of optimalization of graphic resources and is able to travel to oversee printing anytime (24/7) to ensure its optimal quality. If necessary we can tweak designs on the spot without needing to communicate with an agency or a client.

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