GCE Campaign Graphics And Concept

We had very pleasant experience working with GCE on their international campaign. The aim was to promote a range for safety devices used in welding across 13 countries worldwide. We came up with the visual concept enhancing the original logo design with the Simply safe bubble element. Furthermore we have provided complete visual concept for communication elements used during expo and for onsite promotion. One of three key visual elements of this campaign was a 3D model of the device, which we have rendered and animated in a feature CGI educational / promotional video. The visual concept of the Simply safe campaign solved the use of all key elements on different media and promotional stands. Part of the solution was the design of templates for printed materials, as well as a microsite with basic information about the campaign, products. Using simple, modern and responsive webdesign, the website received positive feedback. The site also served as a distribution point for educational videos created by our agency.

Tommy Jönsson
Business Development Manager
Cutting & Welding Technologies
GCE Group
25th May 2015, Malmö Sweden

Project name: GCE Campaign Graphics And Concept
Art Director: Martin Kuspal
Client: GCE Holding AB, Malmö
Design year: 2015
Country: Sweden