The project began with the design of the logo, 14 years ago

Hotel Tennis is our oldest client to date. As a graphic designer and co-founder of the agency, I remember exactly how I took part in my first big competition for designing the Tennis Hotel logo, which was just starting its big sprawl to a top-of-the-art, four-star congress hotel with excellent wellness. When I returned after a long time to the hotel project, with an overview and a critical eye, I wanted to change the logo slightly. However, at that point,the client and his customers have liked it so much that the change was out of question(moreover, the building was decorated with a very large and expensive light commercial, which was a very good reason for me to keep the logo in its original form). In order to slightly improve the logo and add a little more congressional and wellness noblesse (originally the hotel was associated with tennis) without changing its original features, I decided to add a fine thin line under the inscription “hotel tennis”, supplemented by a stretched Congress & Wellness Typography, in gray caps. I intentionally placed these two elements to offset the hotel’s own symbol (exceeding the negative of the tennis racket with the ball on the rounded rectangular background). From the change in composition, we were all excited and the project so stepped one step forward on its road to marketing communication.

Part of the solution, in 2012, was the creation of graphic templates for individual hotel communication materials. As the hotel needed a large amount of regularly updated printouts for its operation, it was easier to make it in-house. The change in visual communication included the addition of all the silk sweat elements, which became a functional secondary element, suitable for photographing and white foil materials, serving as a basis for text placement.

(As we are still working with the wave line, you will see on the new website or the current billboard campaign of the hotel on its stainless swimming pool which has recently been opened to the public)

New webdesign and development of the Tennis Hotel for 2017

The original websites, designed 4 years ago, have worked very well today. We liked their graphics and overall functionality, but the trends are relentless and who does not keep up with the time, he stagnates. We have built a new website on a fully responsive template, working with the most up-to-date access to web and communication aesthetics. Our intention was to make the most interesting and clear content between text and image entities that will complement each other in the resulting balanced composition.

The relatively large content has gone through a slight reduction, some of it has been revised and an icon system has been added. The atypical simplification of some compositions, supplemented by a simple centering of lonesome blocks of text, is uniquely in line with current trends, reflecting in particular the constant need for a large visual flexibility of responsive content on the web. It must look perfect on displays of all sizes and shapes. With the new site for the hotel, we managed to do it and we believe it will last and serve the next few years.