Dining culture has new webdesign

This project is all about the dining culture. It has brought some interesting challenges. The aim was to design a flexible web design and integrated system that is intuitive for both users and administrators, connecting blog, e-commerce and interactive gallery with the products. This approach to building a website provided valuable content to visitor, boosting his motivation to stay on the site longer and explore the content deeper than he would on a standard e-shop.
The project presents a series of producers in the field of gastronomy. We took the wide variety of products that are sold on the website and photographed them both separately and arranged in predesigned scenes. One of the ambitions of the project was to offer both inspiration and education to visitors about details and traditions in dining. Our arrangement of dining accessories and other products serves as inspiration for furnishing the kitchen and dining room.
Web design of this project works with a custom build, sleek, fast and responsive template, using our own content management system. Building the solution on our own, precise code and technology gave us the freedom to tune out the speed of the website, search engine optimization as well to implement custom designed elements according to the client needs. Full responsiveness of the project works on all devices.

Web designed for reading and shopping

This e-commerce project started with 1,500 products and is still expanding. Our agency has provided professional photography for the complete range of cutlery and other products. The metallic, highly reflective products required particularly skillful photographic work as well as demanding postproduction. View of details in high-res photos was resolved by a script allowing for interactive zoom.

Website components working together

We have also connected the e-commerce with our own blog, allowing the client to have multiple bloggers contributing to the website, using their actual products and articles related to dining culture, cooking and design. Linking articles to products from the e-shop database it is solved through internal administration in CMS. This function works intuitively thanks to easy to use UIX. The last and most interesting part of the project is the Inspire section where visitors can find original photos of arranged products. The individual compositions are created in collaboration with specialists on dining, gastronomy and hotels. High professionalism of the client in the preparation of this project is reflected in the value added photos and product selection.

Interactive gallery lets you tag products in photographs

When browsing through the gallery, you can easily access details about products tagged in each photograph, or buy the whole set seen on screen This functionality allows you to learn more about products in blog, see them arranged in an interactive photo gallery and switch between all of these parts of the website while being able to make quick purchase from any subpage. Among other sophisticated features, this website offers the possibility to compile individual packages of products to budget-priced packages. The entire website and administration was made in three different languages, allowing our client to access different markets with the same, relevant content.


Project name: Interactive website, e-commerce, blog

Art Director: Martin Kuspal
Consultant: Pavol Kasuba
Client: Berndorf Sandrik s.r.o.
Design year: 2015
Country: Slovakia, Austria