Logo and its symbolism

Logo is based on morphological symbol combination of brain and apple. The inspiration for this motif was the brand name, which itself encourages combination symbolism. A stem with a leaf complements symbol of the brain (brain / brains) and transforms it to its secondary meaning and forms it into a fruit (fruits). As a supporting part of the visual identity a very warm Saharan yellow has been chosen in contrast with a black background. The logo is used primarily in its negative symbol with yellow and white typography on a black background.


For the Brainy Fruits project we have created specific, tailor-designed icons for each function of the product. Iconography will be used for general communication of the benefits and functionality of the product across a diverse range of marketing materials.


Brand design manual defines the use of Ubuntu fonts in three basic sections. For the use of slogans and signs on a black background, or on the basis of dark photo is defined gross Ubuntu Bold typeface. We recommend working with large grapheme. For prints is perfect to use thin typeface Ubuntu Light. Regular Ubuntu is designed primarily for use in small font size on the Web and for highlighting words in the text in the press.