The client’s assignment for an advertising campaign for cat food didn’t required us to match the communication to any marketing or market penetration strategy. The struggle to make analytics and creativity cooperate every agency experiences on daily basis has not been an issue for the first time. The client wanted us to come up only with a funny way of portraying cat food that any cat owner could relate. Though it is not really our cup of tea to communicate without showing the real value behind the brand, we accepted the offer as the creative team needed to have an open assignment for a change. The concept in the end had more observation behind the idea than many other projects that are the result of a deep analysis. The creative team surprised us with a simple idea of a few visuals where a cat is disturbing in you during outdoor activities. The logic behind the communication is that every cat owner knows that a cat always disturbs you at the worst moment possible and many times you just don’t know why. Usually they just need attention. With FOOD FOR MEEE you will know. At first we were afraid that the client might be afraid of the idea as the campaign might suggest that your cat will become even more annoying. The reaction surprised us pleasantly as the client was also a loving cat owner who liked the idea as it really connected with cat for me 1


Project name: NutraPets Packaging Design
Art Director: Martin Kuspal
Design year: 2013