We were approached by old friends, former entrepreneurs, who are involved in non-profit projects helping patients and families suffering from cancer. They asked us to come up with a print advertising campaign to help raise awareness of dangers of smoking that would be different from the existing ones. This was one of the biggest challenges for us, especially when this was a pro bono work as well. Right at the beginning we identified two challenges. First one was to come up with a shocking visual that would not have been seen before. Second one needed us to come up with a phrase, a slogan that would appeal to smokers in a new way. For some time we couldn’t really figure out what could appeal to smokers. All the existing campaigns seemed to underline the general things smokers now still choose to ignore; such as: “It destroys your lungs,” “Smoking kills,” “Smoking causes cancer,” but in the modern world none of them seem to have any sort of an effect anymore. As we are all non-smokers, we decided to hang out in smoking areas for research purposes and started to talk to our friends, smokers, to find out what does smoking really mean to them, what it represents and why they do it. Among the usual answers, such as: “It relieves stress,” “It helps me think,” “It helps me go number 2 in the morning,” “It’s just a habit,” there was one answer that showed up almost always and yet struck us: “It makes me feel better,” “It makes me feel relaxed.” This was the hint we were looking for and the new campaign was already in our head. We created a 3D visual of lungs filled with half smoked cigarettes which we accompanied with a question So it makes you feel better? Unlike usual campaigns that aim to inform about the dangers of smoking with a visual demonstration, we chose to approach the smokers in a non-offensive way, letting and making them decide.

kampann proti fajceniu 1


Project name: Onco Blockers Creative Advertising Outdoor
Art Director: Martin Kuspal
Design year: 2013