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ProPulir Creative Advertising

In the beginning we were a bit struck with the unusual task to create an advertising campaign for cleaning product after pets. The assignment aimed to attract young people to buy a cleaning product with a completely different approach usually used in the industry. While other products tend to show their capacity to really destroy the biological “litter” pets produce on walls, carpets, etc., the client here wanted to attract consumers in a different way: funnier and more emotional. The vision was to communicate that pets are sometimes really innocent and we should not be mad when they do their “business” where they shouldn’t, because, in the end, there is already a very easy way to clean it.

For a long time we couldn’t find a proper way to communicate such a thing, but in the end we got inspired by an online trend of showing pets with signs around their necks with statements about what they did wrong. With this concept in mind and after a few very passionate brainstorming sessions of our team, we finalized the campaign. The assignment also needed three different pets to be used. Dog and cat were sort of a no-brainer, however, the third one was a bit difficult. Here our analysis found that the third most common pet is a bird, usually a parrot. So in the end we created a separate statement for each. Lastly, we had to create a catch phrase, a motto behind the campaign. This was already conceptualized a bit by the vision at the beginning; therefore, we only needed to emphasize that with Pro Pulir, no hard feelings will arise. The result, however simple, carries a clear message in a modern, funny and adorable way.

Project name: ProPulir Creative Advertising
Art Director: Martin Kuspal
Client: ProPulir
Design year: 2015