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Uno Café Logo Design Branding and Print

Our client came with an assignment to help target in more precision female customers. The small chain of UnoCafe cafeterias wanted to show that they are the best at making lattes and cappuccinos which are mostly sold among female consumers and thus positioning the chain among the competition as the one with the best latte type coffees in the area. A small study conducted at coffee shops revealed to us, among other things, that usually the most important thing for women is to have a really tall late because they like to have a nice large cup of coffee. Even though the size of cup isn’t directly related to increased amount of caffeine, our creative team focused mostly on communicating this factor. The campaign promotes the size and communicates the sole value women seek in their lives  -size matters.

Project name: Uno Café Logo Design Branding and Print
Art Director: Martin Kuspal
Client: Uno Café
Design year: 2013
Country: Slovakia