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In the field of packaging (packaging design) we take care of domestic and international clients. We coordinate long-term creative projects and provide a reliable service for graphic works.

Our company provides services from sketches and brand development to print.

To create the perfect packaging design you need a combination of art, technology, knowledge, function, material and knowledge of the market. We always keep in mind that each product, its packaging and overall design and availability must be very specifically adapted to the market in which it will be sold. We love the fact how packaging design can be an art form and a business strategy all in one. We know how to mix creativity and functionality together, proof of this is successfully completed many international collaborations within 10 years of our existence.

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1. Packaging design as an important part of the brand

The visual elements of packaging, including colors, graphics, and overall aesthetics, play a crucial role in catching the consumer’s attention.

Eye-catching designs can set a product apart on store shelves. Packaging design is primarily intended to protect the product during transportation, storage, and handling as well as prevent damage or contamination. Moreover, packaging is a powerful marketing tool. It can convey the product’s value proposition, highlight key features, and create a positive first impression, influencing consumer perception and purchasing behavior.

2. How a good packaging design can help a brand

Affects the consumer’s tactile and visual experience with the product.

Well-designed packaging enhances the overall product experience and can positively influence consumer perception. Packaging is a tangible representation of a brand. The design incorporates brand elements such as logos, colors, and typography, contributing to brand recognition and reinforcing brand identity. Your brand can tell a story or wholen vision through the well designed packaging

3. What are the most important aspects of packaging design

Brand identity, functionality, visual appeal, communication of information, differentiation, target audience consideration, adaptability, sustainability?, innovation, regulatory compliance, shelf impact, cost-efficiency

Packaging design integrates functionality, branding, and visual appeal to protect and promote a product, creating a positive consumer experience.

4. We will create a packaging design that sells

At our packaging design company, our strategy adapts to the nature and scale of each job, tailoring our approach to the unique capabilities of our clients.

Simply put, you provide us with project parameters and essential details, and we embark on in-depth research, making room for creative exploration. Swiftly, we present the initial sketches, complete with production and finalization options. From there, we engage in collaborative discussions to agree on the subsequent steps, ensuring a seamless and effective process.

5. Why clients should choose you to work with

As an established firm with extensive experience in packaging design, we offer end-to-end services, seamlessly guiding clients from initial concept to the final product on the shelves.

Our adept and innovative team fearlessly tackles creative and technological challenges, delivering comprehensive solutions in visual identity, conceptualization, branding, print supervision, and web design. Whether it’s a short-term project or a long-term partnership, our commitment to excellence ensures unparalleled results.

In the realm of packaging design, we pride ourselves on delivering swift and creative solutions without compromising on the depth of innovation or dedication, catering to both small and large companies alike. Our commitment remains unwavering, consistently infusing every packaging design project with equal measures of passion and creativity, ensuring a tailored and impactful outcome for your brand.

6. what is the approximate price and time for which the product is added

The creation of a quality packaging design typically takes 2-8 weeks, varying based on complexity, and includes factors like adaptability, consumer understanding, emotional connection, functionality, and clear branding as essential elements in our professional approach.

Providing indicative prices and timeframes for quality packaging design can vary widely based on factors such as the complexity of the project, specific requirements, and the design our agency’s expertise

Here’s a look at what some of our
clients say about us

“We have been working with Maison for a few years now, and their team is very professional, with a keen eye for detail and a deep understanding of our needs. The workflow was incredibly smooth thanks to their efficient processes and clear communication channels. Their dedication to delivering high-quality work was evident throughout all projects. I highly recommend Maison for anyone seeking a reliable partner for various marketing campaigns.”

Michelle Jurgens

“Thanks to the creativity in creating new labels and the precision of the company, we managed to attract customers and increase sales. Working with this company has been great and we will be happy to return in the future.”

Nikola Šantrůčková

“The collaboration with Maison d'Idée was extremely productive. Our challenges were understood right from the start. A creative, humorous but also economical strategy was quickly developed. Many thanks for the excellent collaboration!”

Katharina Pfeiffer
Bad Ischler

“All base UI elements are made using 
Nested Symbols and shared styles thata re logically connected. Gorgeous, high-quality video sharing on desktop, mobile, tablet. All base UI elements are made using Nested Symbols”

Tomáš Žilla
CEO of Konopná farma Liptov

Look at some of our most successful
packaging design projects

Packaging design of doypack for coconut chips

We designed a playful summer packaging design for coconut chips with cocoa and caramel flavour.
#doypack #packaging #design #chips #coconut

Packaging design with 3D graphics for a six-pack of Fatra mineral water

We like Fatra. We prepared a 3d visual and print data for the deformed sleeve, it worked great.
#fatra #packaging #3dgraphics #mineralwater

Packaging design for the familiar alpine salt brand Bad Ischler

One of the most all-embracing packaging projects from our workshop. It includes illustration and collaboration with the international research agency IPSOS.
#branding #packaging #design #salt #austria #salinen


What is package design?

Packaging design is a strategic and creative process dedicated to crafting the visual and structural aspects of a product’s packaging. It involves considerations such as branding, communication of information, protection of the product, and differentiation from competitors. This process aims to enhance consumer appeal, promote brand recognition, and contribute to the overall success of the product in the market.

Why is package design important?

Packaging design is essential as it shapes consumer perceptions, communicates brand identity, protects products, and contributes to a memorable and positive overall consumer experience.

What other brand elements do I need before creating a packaging design?

Before creating a packaging design, it’s essential to have a clear understanding of various brand elements to ensure coherence and alignment. Key brand elements include: brand strategy and identity, target audience, vbrand story, consumer insights and many more..

How long does it take to create a packaging design?

The timeframe for creating a packaging design varies depending on project complexity, ranging from a few weeks for simpler designs to several months for more intricate projects, influenced by factors like client feedback and overall scope.

How much does it cost to create a packaging design?

The cost of packaging design depends on various factors, including the complexity of the design, the scope of the project and the level of expertise required

Can good packaging boost my product sales?

Certainly, a good packaging design has the potential to boost product sales by attracting attention, creating positive impressions, and influencing consumer purchasing decisions.

What if I'm not happy with the packaging design?

The drafting process incorporates a designated section for discussion and potential modifications. If two standard rounds of comments and changes do not meet your satisfaction, we offer an additional opportunity to revisit the design process. Honest and transparent communication is essential, ensuring that concerns are addressed to prevent dissatisfaction. Following this principle typically leads to a more collaborative and successful design outcome.

When can I expect the first results of the new design?

It’s advisable to have a detailed discussion with us about the expected timeline at the beginning of the project. This ensures that both parties are on the same page regarding expectations and deadlines. Additionally, being responsive to requests for feedback and approvals can help keep the project on schedule. Additionally, our team boasts highly experienced project managers, expediting the process and ensuring efficient progress in your project.

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