Logo design as the first step of corporate identity

The whole process of creating the visual image of a new company, or rebranding an existing company, starts with designing the logo and selecting its final version. Our client chose a very original and visually strong logo, which was perfect to work with when creating a website, design manual and printed materials.

We have created a brand new graphic template for a real estate agency website

From the client’s point of view, the brief for us was to create a web design. From our point of view, it was a complex graphic design solution with high variability when implemented into the CMS of the real estate agency. The project involved designing several different sub-pages with specific functionality. For quick navigation on the estate agency website, we emphasized a clear menu layout and filter to reduce search results. It was the client’s wish that the homepage lead the visitor to directly use the search – so we chose to place a simplified search engine with no filters in the middle of the screen, complete with changing background photos. In the subpages, the web design already works with a developed search and an almost complete filter with all parameters clearly arranged in a horizontal composition, thus not taking up more than a third of the screen.

The client had a clear idea of the individual subpages of the web design

We were intrigued by the client’s idea of the arrangement of the contents in the property detail. While the top of the website works with a reduced filter, a minimalist photo gallery with large photos, stretched to the full width of the screen, follows immediately below. The side photos in the image defile are darkened so that only the specifically overlooked, central photo of the property stands out. This photo gallery design idea will let high quality photos stand out and offer visitors a pleasant and intuitive user interface that will automatically encourage them to interact with the content. Below the animated photo gallery there are two basic content blocks, the contact details of the broker who manages the specific property and a full screen view of related properties.

Responsive web design for real estate agency is a must

After designing the individual components of the website, we proceeded to solve the compositions on mobile devices. We consider perfect responsiveness to be essential and therefore provided the client with detailed documentation for its implementation, as well as supervision and consultation. In this case, the implementation of the design into the website’s content management system is handled by an external contractor, but our company is still at his disposal for fine-tuning the details. Providing oversight of the final work is as important to us as the initial idea proposed to the client.

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