Packaging design with vector illustrated animals

In our agency we believe that even everyday products deserve good packaging design. The more we like the trend where manufacturers want the quality of these daily products to be better and better. If you haven’t tried yet the difference between ordinary and organic milk, you should hurry to the shop and taste it. Product with added value of organic origin deserves better packaging design, bold idea and playful approach. Our client had effort to communicate the product for mothers with children who should get used to quality from an early age. Our intention was to create a design that turns an ordinary box of milk packaging into a toy. Faces of beautiful illustrated animals from Siberia cover every box and thus make the otherwise boring daily product more playful and interesting.

Product design communicates actively by variation of themes

Children can now look forward to a new, different box of milk every few days while enjoying their breakfast. With this packaging design, you don’t have to hurry to throw the box away. You can easily close the box with the plastic cup a let the children play with it while you finish cleaning up. For this milk packaging design, we have selected a color different motives from a single illustrator for maintaining the common handwriting and unified visual style. When we have the opportunity to work on such playful projects, we enjoy our work on packaging as much as possible. Another option for this project is the possibility of seasonal variations of illustrated animals, thus giving the client unlimited opportunities to vary the packaging and stay interesting for the consumers.

Project: Packaging design for Bio Milk

Art Director: Martin Kuspal
Created in: 2015