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The brief from the client was to completely redesign packaging for the Cottage Cheese product line. The brand Rajo is leader in both diary production and also number one in sales of its famous Cottage Cheese nationwide in Slovakia. The product sales were continuously rising in past six years even though it had the same old packaging design. The client insisted on reinventing the idea of its packaging while limiting us to only minimal and necessary rules of Rajo corporate branding.
The product has six flavors which we decided to design individually. Every product has its own specific design elements and details which can be found all over the package. Illustrated sparks and flames cover the spicy cottage with chili, while Greek elements decorate tzatziki flavored edition. The biggest decision was to avoid display of the product itself on its packaging, avoiding the cliché in showing boring food styling on dairy products. The result was distinctive, original and playful packaging design which both client and consumers found attractive.

Project name: Rajo Cottage Cheese Packaging Design
Art Director: Martin Kuspal
Client: RAJO a.s.
Design year: 2015
Country: Slovakia


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