Web design and visual communication concept for a development project

Our aim is to provide interested parties with essential information about the project quickly and clearly. At the same time, we want to enable everyone who comes to the website to quickly navigate and book a plot or a house. All this in a modern and technically flawless design with an emphasis on maintaining the visual communication of the entire project. Of course, the management of the billboard and online campaign during the duration of the project. We are always happy to provide our clients with a complete service as opposed to partial subcontracting segments. This way you can be sure that the Art Director’s supervision of the entire project is adequate to its complexity and duration.

Possibility of booking an item using the interactive map

Displaying the project through interactive maps and visualizations is possible in any way. From 3D views, static or animated, through in-depth access to interiors to access to floor plans – as is usually the case with presentations of complex office or residential buildings. In this case, we have chosen a very simple solution, as this is the initial phase of the project and the sale of exclusively undeveloped land. The display of the plots is in the form of a 2D map which, thanks to its interactivity, offers all the basic information about the individual plots by clicking on a specific plot

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