Presentation website for a pharmaceutical company and a manufacturer of supplements and packaging design

A company involved in the production of pharmaceuticals and nutritional supplements for Central European and Middle Eastern countries approached us to redesign the packaging of their flagship products. The big challenge in creating these packages was to correctly place all the information in multiple languages on a limited packaging area, in a way that also made the unique design stand out. We did it and the result is definitely a unique, eye-catching design, dare we say among the best in the field of faramaceuticals.

Bespoke web design

With the packaging design also came the redesign of the web presentation, which we chose with a simple scrolling page where the visitor can find all the information immediately and clearly. The page is designed so that the text is part of the graphics. In such cases where the text is clearly given we sometimes choose, in agreement with the client, the full website design route, without the possibility of managing the content. This way everything important stands out and the page is 100% error free.

guergi webdesignguergi webdesignguergi webdesign

guergi webdesignguergi webdesign