Logo design and packaging conception starts with common idea

Talk about enjoying your work! We love our pets and everything that relates to them. That is why working on the brand development for this dog food producer made us even more passionate about it than working on typical food – not to blame the whole industry, but after all, you can get overfed by it.
We started with the brand name which our client provided and then he left everything else to our creativity. The product is positioned among low cost brands. These on local markets suffer from bad graphics, logo and packaging design. It was really easy to make something that stands out between them, but that did not stop us not to put as much effort as if the competition was greater. We went wild and created a raw, modern and fresh looking visual communication for the entire project. Logo design was left to pure strongly stylized typography, getting rid of any unnecessary symbols that could distract the audience. We wanted to focus on the brand name, dark background and modern vector graphic elements to support the whole visual statement.

Iconography helps communicate faster

We have added some wonderful icons for each alternation of the product and a specific color to make the distinction clear and easy. Fresh and vivid colors work well on the dark background and accompany the raw and stylized typography in a complementary way.
The product was a clear success and we are looking forward for the annual reports of how the brand was received and distributed. As an agency, we care about the success of our products and our graphic design and therefor we work much longer with our client after the products or communication is released. Analyzing the sales and market research is a vital feedback to make later adjustments for graphic design and marketing strategy, even if the client is small and does not have experience with such approach.

Project name: BODRY packaging design, branding

Art Director: Martin Kuspal
Client: VK SUMA s.r.o
Design year: 2015
Country: Slovakia