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Fatra is one of the most famous mineral waters in Slovakia. Thanks to its unique composition, it has beneficial effects on the digestive tract. It is sought after for treatment, but also for everyday drinking.

We were very pleased to have the opportunity to participate in the communication of the Fatra brand. The client’s brief was to communicate a message about limited water. After calculating the yield of the spring, we arrived at a figure of 3 litres per Slovak per year. We liked this message very much, so we decided to showcase that as a distinctive 3d visual. Thanks to our great 3d graphic artists, we created a key visual, which we then transferred to the heavily deformed sleeve of the six pack. The agency’s DTP department had their hands full finding the optimal deformation zones. In the case of Fatra, the strong deformation of the packaging was due to the heavily deformed bottle shape.
The campaign’s visual was successfully transferred to the packaging, as well as avoiding inappropriate deformations in the most critical areas. We thank Fatra for the opportunity to participate in the brand communication.

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