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We are happy to share the great news with you. The MEGGLE Lactose free range has a new packaging design. As part of the rebranding of MEGGLE, we have prepared a new packaging design.

Lactose-free milk products are no longer a novelty. The first lactose-free milk products appeared in the late 1970s. Thanks to technological progress, we can find a wide variety of these products on the market. Customers with dietary preferences can enjoy their favorite foods without regrets. The MEGGLE Lactose free product line is easily recognizable in the market. The logo with the red mark in place of the letter “O” can be seen from a distance and is not difficult to discover on shelves across the world.

As part of the rebranding of the entire MEGGLE company, we received a new assignment of packaging redesigning the Lactose Free range and its extension with an additional product. Today people who reduce their lactose intake can enjoy desserts decorated with whipped cream. Our task was to prepare a design concept following the new visual identity of the company but to keep the logo unchanged. Also, we had to prepare complete print data according to the technical requirements of the printing houses. For this project, we faced a challenge: preparing the print data for the press and fitting it into six colors without compromising. Our priority is not only to follow the technical requirements but also to achieve the best possible result. The final look of the packaging after the redesign speaks for itself.

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