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We started rebranding of Bivoj by creating a new illustration of the legendary strong man Bivoj which the whole brand is built upon. This beautifully crafted illustration of a person’s silhouette carrying a boar captured with his bare hands works perfectly as a secondary element of the brand’s visual identity. It gives the right craftsman look to various alterations of the packaging that we remade from scratch.

We believe you’ll fall in love with the brand as much as we do.

Our agency played a crucial role in the transformational process of this small, family own business. Once again we have been a part of the complete rebranding process. With this packaging design, we have made bold decisions about the color choice and overall theme. All of which has proven to be a great decision.

A highly detailed illustration of a legend hero in combination with an atypical blue color range up to this date makes the product stand out strongly. The whole redesign led to the enlistment of the products in nationwide retailers.

bivoj packaging rebranding

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