photography Capalest festival MAISON D'IDÉE

Second video for art festival promotion

Again, with a creative twist, this shot was used for online campaign in 2017

photography Capalest festival MAISON D'IDÉE

First one of our promotional videos for a local art festival

We had some fun doing it, video is what makes us go outside

video Bageterie Boulevard branding MAISON D'IDÉE

We shot a brand new video for Bageterie Boulevard Franchise

Getting the food styling right was a great deal in this one
#bageterieboulevard #video #online

GCE Campaign CGI

We created a 3D scene with almost photorealistic figure for an informative 5 minute long video.
3dmodel #video #safety #person #byMAISON

Watch short clip from our latest documentary project

Welcome to international festival of poetry, theater and music Cap à l’Est – Journey to the East.
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