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No more boring packaging
design for ice cream

Brand new packaging design
for series of tasty curds

You can always find our newest
packaging designs in your supermarkets


We just made a crisp visual identity for a trading company

7. April 2016

Nothing Less Than: 100% Fruit Packaging Design

7. April 2016

Complete rebranding and communication concept for CAMASE

5. April 2016

Allis Gluten Free packaging design

18. March 2016

Accounting firm gets a new logo and responsive webdesign

19. February 2016

Creative Advertising and Packaging for Coffee Brand

18. January 2016

Affogato Ice Cream Packaging Design

18. January 2016

Wine packaging for Les Vins d’Aperun

6. January 2016

Book cover and graphic design

5. January 2016

Webdesign for fitness e-commerce website

4. January 2016

Packaging design for Bio Milk

7. December 2015

Branding and identity for butcher shop

7. December 2015

Book cover design

4. December 2015

Fit Tvaroh (Curd) Packaging

21. November 2015

BODRY packaging design, branding

5. October 2015

Sesame Halva Branding & Packaging Design

5. October 2015

Interactive Gallery Integrated with eshop and blog, Webdesign, CMS, logo design and branding

30. September 2015

Rajo Cottage Cheese Lakto Free Packaging

30. September 2015

Porcelain Product Design

30. September 2015

Furniture Nature Advertising

30. September 2015

Logo design, branding and new webdesign. Are you ready to stand out?

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Watch how graphic artist creates an advertising visual

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This short video shows how graphic artist works with photographs when making a complex composition for an advert. See the basic arrangement, retouching and shading of raw photographs until they fit together in this wonderful and creative ad. We enjoy working on advertising campaigns so much, that when it comes to making one for our beloved coffee, we put our heart and soul into it.     Some details from the final composition Graphics for key visual are made in high resolution and focus on every smallest detail.   Packaging…

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Implementing Corporate Identity for The First Time

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Implementing Corporate Identity for The First Time We come across this situation a lot in our business. There are many companies that grew from small to medium size in maybe 3 to 10 years, got successful and probably kept on growing, without implementing proper corporate identity to its communication. We understand that you were busy doing different stuff but slowly you realize that there is something missing to your company. Despite the fact that your business is successful, customers are loyal and everything goes better than planed, your communication materials…

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